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The new approach to highly efficient cultivation of plants in vertical farming.


At its core, the system consists of a rotating conveyor belt in which the root section is supplied with a fine nutrient spray, while the leaf section of the plant is stimulated to grow by an optimal supply of light. 

Aeroponic cultivation requires no growing substrate and the roots receive maximum oxygen. This accelerates plant growth. In addition, harvesting is much easier - especially for root crops. 

The continuous rotation offers many advantages - ranging from the orbitropal growth effect to the use of sunlight. 

The plant concept makes it possible to achieve amazing space utilization. Last but not least: OrbiLoop is an aesthetic eye-catcher! 

Fully automated plant cultivation

Easy planting and harvesting without bending, stretching or using ladders

High-quality, ultra-fresh and healthy leafy greens

Minimal service effort

Minimal footprint with maximum height utilization

Year-round freshness


The "orbitropal" effect describes the effect of gravitropism on plants, which constantly realign themselves in the Earth's gravitational field due to the rotational movement. This stimulates the production of plant hormones, which results in stimulated cell growth.

Fraunhofer IME-2

The light spectrum is crucial for the photosynthetic activity and development of plants - and consequently, their growth. Chlorophyll A and B absorb mainly in the wavelength range around ~450 nm and ~660 nm, respectively. The use of LEDs saves energy: depending on the growth phase and variety, plants need different wavelengths. For example, tomato bushes need blue light to be able to form fruits. By adjusting the light spectrum and intensity, the growth and colour (e.g. red lettuce leaves) of the plants are determined. 



However, in OrbiLoop, the plants no longer have to bend toward the sun; they can put all their energy into producing fruit. The result: a higher yield and a better taste.




Essential nutrients for healthy plant growth are potassium, nitrate, phosphate, and magnesium, calcium, iron, and sulfates. Also required are micronutrients (trace elements) such as manganese, boron and others in a finely proportioned ratio.

For the plants to absorb these nutrients, the pH value must be optimally adjusted and corrected via an adaptive control algorithm.




The plant needs the best climatic conditions for optimal growth: It must be neither too cold nor too warm (20-25°C), neither too dry nor too humid (50-70° humidity).

Furthermore, a continuous gentle airflow is vital so that the plant can transpire optimally and thus absorb as many nutrients as possible.

Ambient CO2 is a nutrient for the plants and metabolised via photosynthesis - what is detrimental to the climate leads to vigorous growth in plants.



Digital monitoring, efficient data management, and robust data analysis make it possible to monitor what is happening in the OrbiLoop at any time. Using a web-based app, you can draw meaningful conclusions regarding optimal plant cultivation.

Installation is either on-premise or in the cloud. The continuously growing treasure trove of information helps to optimise the control system and increase the system's efficiency.